Rubber Tree Tineke
Rubber Tree Tineke
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Rubber Tree Tineke

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Rubber Tree/Ficus elastica
Available in 6" and in deeply discounted 4".  The remaining 4" are marked down due to being a little sad from shipping.  They arrived to us just before Black Friday and had gotten upset in transit.  Some dropped leaves and have only two or 3.  Some have more, but have several with brown spots that cannot be reversed.  ALL of them have happy new growth.  This is steal if you're willing to wait for more pretty new growth.

These beauties are from Southeast Asia and grow anywhere from 50-100 feet in their natural habitat. Loved here for their prominent thick leaves including burgundy and variegated they are an easy care addition to your plant fam.
Toxicity: Mildly toxic causing skin or mucuos membrane irritation. It is considered one of the safest houseplants. The milky white sap contains latex, originally used in making rubber, thus the name.
Lightbright indirect light, especially important to maintain gorgeous variegation on tineke and ruby varieties
Soil: well-draining soil
Humidity: they enjoy an occasional boost in humidity, but do well in average household humidity.
Water: Allow approximately the top 50% of soil to dry between waterings
Fertilizer: 10-10-10 monthly spring through summer

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